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Goldengate 12c

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GGforCloud Discover the latest features of Goldengate 12c and its solutions address some of the key challenges in cloud deployments. Read more

White Paper: Modern Cloud For A Modern Government

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modern_cloud Cloud computing has captured attention as both a business and computing model that enables public sector organizations to achieve modern government. This white paper reveals the key drivers and potential of… Read More

Oracle Big Data SQL: One Fast Query On All Your Data

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Oracle Big Data SQL enables a single query using Oracle SQL to access data in Oracle Database, Hadoop, and many other sources. So people and applications using SQL now have access to a much bigger pool of data.

White Paper: Big Data @ Work

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big_data_at_work Combining relational and unstructured data technologies can deliver high value — but only if you solve the integration challenges. Read more

White Paper: BPM In The Public Sector

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Cut costs, eliminate manual processes, ease through regulations and update legacy systems. A comprehensive BPM strategy including pre-built and extensible processes can help transform your government organization for efficiency and excellence. Read more

Simplify IT: Reducing Cost On a Scale That Matters

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Peter Doolan, GVP of Oracle Public Sector, describes how Oracle is helping public sector organizations reduce costs and improve service delivery by simplifying I.T. Topics include customer experience, big data, cloud, and social media technologies.

Top 10 Strategic CIO Issues

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As the CIO position continues to undergo profound transformation, technology leaders are being pushed closer to customer engagement, revenue optimization, and new business models. View the top 10 issues facing CIOs today.

Forrester Discusses Workload Optimization in Data Centers

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Andrew Reichman, Principal Analyst Forrester Research, explores how companies can optimize data center infrastructure by thinking and organizing around workloads. See how making simple changes in managing your data center can have a big impact.

Oracle’s Prasen Palvankar on Adaptive Case Management

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Oracle BPM Suite offers in-built adaptive case management capabilities to manage unstructured processes and empower the knowledge workers to improve customer experience.

What’s On Every IT Leaders’ Wishlist this Christmas?

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The countdown to Christmas has begun. So what will IT leaders be asking Santa for this year? Here are some likely contenders…
  1. BYOD solutions: The New Year is certain to bring a tide of new tablets and smartphones into the department. Gartner… Read More

Larry Ellison at Oracle OpenWorld Keynote 2014

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Oracle CTO and Executive Chairman of the Board, Larry Ellison, speaks at Oracle OpenWorld 2014.

BYOD – Bring Your Own Device, or Not?

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With Gartner suggesting that 38% of companies are expecting to stop providing devices to workers by 2016, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is certainly gaining momentum. But how is it impacting public sector organizations like the EU? One focus of… Read More

The Key Drivers of Public Sector Cloud Investments

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According to Oracle, Adoption and use of cloud computing is now growing at a compound annual growth rate of 26%. Further, cloud computing is expected to account for roughly 20% of the overall global IT market, excluding IT services and… Read More

Digital Disruption

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Digital has disrupted almost every facet of our lives and organizations today are embarking on their own journeys to digital transformation – including those in the public sector. The technologies that have become a part of our everyday lives –… Read More

Sharing Best Practice on Information Security

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Our go-to expert for information security, Graham Palmer has been meeting with a number of IT security teams at the EU. This was a chance to learn about your top-of-mind issues and to share ideas on how to protect information… Read More

Reducing IT Complexity

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“Doing more with less” This may be the mantra of public sector organizations throughout the world, but it’s not the only challenge facing organizations like the EU. The EU must carefully manage resources while addressing growing pressures to do more than… Read More

Oracle Story: Ministry of Education and Science: Portugal

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Portugal’s Ministry of Education and Science meets Troika’s budgetary requirements and cuts expenses by 600 million euros with Oracle BI Platform.

Bundesagentur für Arbeit Transforms

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With Oracle, Bundesagentur für Arbeit will soon provide all its services online.



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